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    Sales hotline:0663-8766678


    ABOUT US關于我們

      Jieyang Chengjie Metal co., LTD. is located in the Dongshan District Dragon Shixin industrial district Jieyang city, the geographical position is superior. Is a collection development, production and sales of furniture hinge hardware factory.
      Factory is a new business philosophy, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, new product development, use of the regional advantages, play skills. Become an independent school of products in the fierce competition in the hardware industry,, for clients carefully to create a multi scale, variety, excellent quality of the products. Highlight the Yaoxing strength, experience and practical, display, customers all over the country more than 20 provinces and municipalities, and exported to overseas. Wei Hong and many outstanding dealers together, full of passion, full expansion, initiated a fruitful and positive image, powerful strength to rapidly expand their business, to achieve higher user satisfaction. Now we are going to hitherto unknown passion, grasp the common era gives us the opportunity, the courage to face challenges, with our passion and our strength to create a more brilliant tomorrow.
      We sincerely look forward to the support and cooperation of dealers, together to create fashion, high quality, consumer favorite brand of hardware.

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